1. a group or mass of distinct or varied things, persons, etc.: an aggregation of complainants.
2. collection into an unorganized whole.

I decided to aggregate my rants, comments, favorite post and all those other items into a simple blog.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Pinch an inch...

        As I begin my latest rant, I promise not to be one of those misty eyed "why me, I just wanna thin" blog posts.

The reason being, I am at fault and to blame for my current weight. Not Dave Thomas not Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, most certainly not those malasadas from the Feast. I alone chose to friend them to "break bread" with them. In this day of Facebook. It's only fitting they consider themselves unfriended.

240 pounds... That is what I weigh!.. I'm posting it for all to see.. What the hell you see most of it when you see me anyways. It is not my heaviest weight which I hold that number in my head as my mantra to never again approach. This week We began the biggest change. and I hope to keep the ball rolling with the school year approaching next week.

Sept 2, 2012: I will revisit this post. I will weigh within 200 to 210lbs!  I will be actively exercising everyday.. I will post before and after pictures then.. Failure is not an option!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thirty Three...

My goodness! The sound of that number is both frightening and charming at the same time. I'm gonna be 33! In just two days from this post. I was thinking yesterday if I could ever write a letter to my 17 year old self who was fresh off graduation and ready to take on the world, what would I tell him?
  • College party is not time well spent
  • Stay away from Dining Commons! No seriously Run away!
  • Credit cards don't pay themselves! 
  • Marrying your HS sweetheart is not a guaranteed thing
Ah the list could go on for pages.
I think the one thing I wish I could throttle my old self and say what the hell are you doing to yourself is my weight. Before college I never struggled with weight. I was a consistent 189 pounds mostly due to wrestling. The aforementioned Dining Commons with its food reminiscence of an all you can eat buffet at KFC did away with this. I'm working hard at trying to get at least to the 200 mark. Not just for my looks so Diana could be proud"er" but because I want to be around another 66 years! when my son is 67 and I can make him take me to bingo!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the great blue room

4:06am that's what time I woke up, the downside to being 2600 miles west and a 3 hour time zone difference, but you know what? Wouldn't trade for anything. It's 5:23am and I'm standing outside at sunrise in shorts and a tank, barefoot! In a short time the hustle and bustle will begin. At the moment its just me my Droid, a cup of folgers (prefer New England Coffee Roasters meh) and the soon to grace my day sunrise. Why did we leave here? Why did we uproot and move? Because we had to to survive financially.Someday opportunity will present itself when God decides its time. We're listening intently. My friends I  don't want you to misunderstand. When your in the right environment, your soul is happy. I love Mass, I am a New Englander by birth but my soul has been found in the desert. In a few short moments another one of God's glorious sunrise will cast its warm rays... and I will have my eyes will open wide taking it all in. A new day will begin for each of us. Mine will be a little "warmer" and brighter.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

At long last: A home of our own

After searching months for a place to call home we have finally completed the quest.. We're about to move into a two bedroom in Fairhaven. Many of you know know its the quiet little town that I was raised in.

I promise this will be updated with photos as right now its just an empty shell of an apartment.

The apartment itself is a little dated (1960's) but considering what we saw in comparasion it may as well have been built yesterday! The city of New Bedford as much as I love, has far too many apartments in dire need of repairs. The one's we liked had lead paint. the ones we hated, looked like meth labs. Those saddened me because there is such potential throughout the city.

Our little place is in a multiunit building just about 60 feet away from the firestation. Brand new stove and fridge and decent air conditioner awaits us. small parcel of grass for our boy to frolic and close close to shopping.

Eh this is gonna be good ! :)


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorism, governments turning on the people (I MEAN YOU WISCONSIN), pestilence, global warming and on and on...

How is a Parent supposed to raise their child in a positive manner when the thoughts of all these hangs on your head? My brother along time ago before he had a child of his own.. had a conversation with me in the manner that follows:

Joey: so Jimmy you gonna have kids some day?

Jimmy: what? and bring kids into the fucked up world? Why should they have to suffer?

Joey: meh...
For the longest time I agreed with him. Then on June 20th 2009 that train of thought on the rail of pessimism crashed.
“And he who gives a child a treat Makes joy-bells ring in Heaven's street, And he who gives a child a home Builds palaces in Kingdom come, And she who gives a baby birth Brings Saviour Christ again to Earth.” John Masefield

Bring a precious child onto earth.. Isn't about adding one more human.. It's about adding a new POSSIBILITY.. This child may find a cure for cancer. This child may become a leader, an artist perhaps. but we don't really know our place on earth until the time comes. It's just the way it is and should be!

But don't worry too much. It just add wrinkles to our already flawed selves.

I know we're gonna do everything to give Hayden a chance to make the world a better place..
God would want it this way..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I still thank the big man upstairs everyday for this beautiful little man! and the gorgeous woman who helped!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Interview

The day has arrived. After a month of correspondence I am going in today to establish what may be the first step of my teaching career. I applied for a grant a month ago that will allow me to complete my requirements in less then 4 years free!!!!!

The snag.. I'm officially a vendor of the city and not a defacto employee of the school. However I have stated many times over that I am doing the exact same job as a paraprofessional as they call it but without the benefits or union membership that normally is entailed. Believe me this is not by choice!

So with my big boy pants I will do my best to impress.. to practice I'm gonna answer some standard questions below..

1) what is your greatest strength:
   Patience, is my greatest strength. From my years of working with all different people of different abilities both young and old I've learned we proceed at our own pace. That all things happen over time and usually most successfully when prodded along in a positive manner.
2) Your greatest weakness:
  This is a skill I'm working hard on, Organization which to me includes time management will sometimes get the best of me. Not to say I misplace things but rather I would have a pile of papers on the desk that may detract me from teaching because I'm looking for a particular paper. In my work as a paraprofessional I've attempted to circumvent this problem using an organizer.
3) How do you handle classroom discipline?:
  This is always a hot topic. I have worked for years with students with emotional and behavioural issues I find words "lease restrictive technique" often rings true in my head. If a student constantly speaks out (of turn or without asking) I would bring myself to them and acknowledge that they have something to say but remind them the appropriate way to have thier view heard (i.e raise hands). If a more serious offense occurs such as pushing or cheating I would ask to speak privately with the student. I address the student age appropriate if they are say middle school I would address them as young adults. If they are in elementry I would remind myself to try to get to their eye level. I beleive that communiciation is more effective when you connect this way. Good communication with students leads to more effective and thus lesser need for disciplinarly actions.
4) What color is your parachute?:
  What the Hell? what kind of new age dumb-ass prove-nothing question is that?

and its Blue!

have a good one,